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Q&MCLEANING is a company specialized in providing cleaning and conservation services, aware of its social and marketing responsibility in the management of people and professional services.
Our main objective is to provide our internal and external customers with personalized and differentiated service taking into account all their needs, in order to provide health, safety and well-being in their environment.
We are pleased to provide cleaning services at any frequency level, depending on your needs, 1 or 7 days a week.
After an initial site visit, we will provide a free, no-obligation quote that details a comprehensive cleaning program for your facility.

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Focus on the client

Monitor the satisfaction of each client in a proactive way, always looking for enchantment.


Lead by example. Inspire the team of collaborators and strategic partners, building a cohesive culture and transferring the company’s core values.

Involvement of people

People form the essence of Q&MCLEANING, it is the main resource. Their cooperation, involvement and motivation allow services to be provided within quality standards, benefiting everyone with the results achieved.

Continuous improvement

Objective and key success factor of Q&MCLEANING. The search for the improvement of each process through actions of correction, evaluation and prevention results in the excellence of the services provided.

Let us take care of all your cleaning service needs.

View our services

Let us take care of all your cleaning service needs.

View our services

Take a look at the variety of services we offer

Office cleaning

At Q&MCLEANING, we want you to focus on what you do best, but in a clean, comforting and safe environment, feel that your entire office looks new. It is proven that a clean office has several benefits.

Retail store cleaning

We aim to make your store stand out as clean and welcoming in order to encourage customers to come through the door. Included in our services are the factory floors, dressing room, staff room, offices, storage room, bathrooms, window cleaning.

Cleaning educational facilities

School Cleaning is essential for the performance of both students and staff. Therefore, this cleaning must be done regularly, also contributing to the health and well-being of teachers, students and other employees. Q&MCLEANING guarantees a pleasant and tidy environment.

Cleaning gym and leisure centers

When we talk about cleaning up gyms, we need to set up a cleaning schedule for the result to be efficient. Q&MCLEANING will provide an adequate service that will help to maintain the health and well-being of professionals and customers who attend the gym.

Condominium cleaning

Proper cleaning of common areas ensures hygiene, conservation and the good appearance of the condominium. Keeping all spaces always clean and pleasant is not an easy task, especially in large condominiums, where the movement of people, between residents and visitors, is frequent.

Commercial cleaning

When we arrive at a clean and organized space, we understand that that business values the well-being of its customers and employees. Q & Mcleaning aims to add value to your company, therefore investing in quality services.

House cleaning

Regular Cleaning: Q&M Cleaning offers the best service for regular domestic cleaning. Arriving at a home cared for and clean by Q&M Cleaning is a comfort and a feeling of unparalleled pleasure. Service does not include ironing, cleaning oven, fridge or freezer.
Occasional cleaning services: You can request whenever you want and according to your preferences, an occasional home cleaning service or a deep cleaning service for your home. Q&M Cleaning is always on hand to serve its customers with care and, as such, provides the domestic cleaning service that best suits their needs.
Deep Cleaning: We present you the most complete residential service of Deep and General Cleaning. In deep and general cleaning, the objective is to regularize immediately all the cleaning of the house or part of it, in order to be able to offer immediate comfort and tranquility to your family.

Window and Glass cleaning services

The glass and window cleaning services we offer to our customers can be contracted in conjunction with other services, or can be ordered separately. Our professional cleaning teams are prepared to clean glass and window frames, using effective and high-quality techniques.
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Best cleaning services helping customers worldwide.

Best cleaning services helping customers worldwide.

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Telephone (+44) 7405276348
Cellphone (+44) 330 330 3125

85 Great Portland Street, First Floor
W1W 7LT.

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Q&MCLEANING has a wide database to quickly select and recruit the candidate. Always seeking to meet the profile required by our customers, which will be defined between the parties at the closing of the contract;


Before starting the contract, our operational team surveys the site to determine the work to be performed, so the service schedule is prepared so that the employee can develop the activities agreed between the parties;


Today, Q&MCLEANING has the most complete and trained operational team (supervision) to serve its customers, assisting since the implementation, remaining for a full time period until the intermediation between Customer and employee is established, as well as the continuation of the services performed, which follows below the items;

• Operational monitoring;
• Product control;
• Contact with manager;
• Training for employees;
• Fault control;
• Fault coverage;
• Information multiplier between contractor;
• Inspect and execute service schedule;


We provide our employees with a complete and standardized uniform, aiming at their comfort and identification at the workplace. In the same way, PPE’s (Personal Protective Equipment) are provided, all with C.A. (Certificate of Approval) from the Ministry of Labor, so that it is possible to guarantee safety to all our employees.


With our administrative and commercial team, we will always be in contact to identify satisfaction with the services provided, as well as annually we will present the “SATISFACTION RESEARCH”.

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We are looking for responsible cleaners who love what they do.

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